Maxim Mikhaylov was born in Crimea, October 20, 1976. He showed an interest in music since childhood. Maxim began musical career in 1994. The first musical project titled Secret Land, Mikhaylov created Secret Land in 1995. Secret Land – it was a local music project and was known only in Ukraine. They released 6 albums, about 15 video clips. Secret Land was broadcast on TV and radio stations. The last album of Secret Land was called Dreaming About A Past and the opinion of the fans was the most successful. In late 2007, Maxim Mikhaylov disbanded the band. Second project from Maxim Mikhaylov was Crimeanization. Crimeanization - Temporary Visions
Crimeanization musical project was created by the producer and musician Maxim Mikhaylov in 2009. Crimeanization music embraces ethnic voices, a blend of cosmic sounds and a whole cluster of quaint rhythms from various cultures. The song Temporary Visions was Maxim’s first experiment with New Age music as he had wished to compose this kind of music a long time ago. In one of his interviews he said:
I felt like producing something with a beautiful female vocal, slow and soulful. Yet, I succeeded only 14 years later… Maxim Mikhaylov
The story of Crimeanization project started when Entranced.FM, an American internet radio station, took an interest in the song Temporary Visions. The first single with the same name was released on October 1, 2009 and was very well received by New Age music fans. It included three versions of Temporary Visions, My Island in Your Heart (promo version), Butterfly (SL early mix), In a Lifetime (single mix) and The Next Morning after My Dying Day (B-side). Also, a music video for the title song was shot in Cufut Qale, an incredibly beautiful spot in Crimea. Maxim commented on the video:

Ever since I was a child, I loved Cufut Qale. I used to go there many times and later, when I was doing music, I always wanted to shoot a video there. Besides, I was deeply impressed by the legend of Khan Tokhtamysh’s daughter, her tomb and the Old Town. I’d say that Temporary Visions embodies my feeling about Cufut Qale, and we tried to communicate it in the video. Maxim Mikhaylov
The second single, My Island in Your Heart, came out on February 14, 2010, and also received favorable reviews. In September 2010, Maxim Mikhaylov released his debut album, Without Someone, whose digital edition was available on September 1, 2010, and the physical version hit stores on January 25, 2011. The album came out in CD+DVD format.Crimeanization - Just Better Life
The full title of the album is Without Someone CD+DVD The Limited Edition. The CD contains a newly recorded album, which differs from the digital edition. The DVD has a mini-film consisting of eight video clips released to support the album. In September 2011, Maxim Mikhaylov recorded a single, It’s All Disappeared, which was distributed for free. On March 25, 2013 he released a new single called One More Breath, which is available in all internet stores.
In 2015 Maxim Mikhaylov created new project "Faceless Ambitions" and released only one single "Lost On The Railways". Later "Faceless Ambitions" project has been closed.
In 2016, Crimeanization releases a new single "You Let Me Burn In My Sleep". A video also released in support of this single. In October of the same year, Maxim Mikhaylov revives the Secret Land. Together with Alexander Sheelko, they release two singles "Teme In My Life 2016" in "You Could Be Mine 2016". Both singles were released in honor of the fifteenth anniversary of the "Time In My Life" album. At the same time, a lot of video material was released in support of the singles.
In March 2017, a new single "Abandoned" from Crimeanization has been released. At the same time, Maxim Mikhaylov and Alexander Sheelko release a brand new single "One Day" under the Secret Land brand. The official video released in support of this single was one of the most successful in Secret Land's history. Kirill Stelmah took part in the creation of the video. At the moment this is considered the last official release from Secret Land.
In February 2020, Maxim Mikhaylov released a new single "The Eighth Day Of November". At that moment, the song did not have promotion due to Covid 19. The release of the album "Escape" was also postponed.
In October 2020, a new album "Escape" was released. The album contained songs that were released on the single earlier and are completely new.
In May 2022 a new video has been released on the official Crimeanization’s YouTube channel in memory of Temporary Visionsn single. This is not a clip, but rather a video – memory. The song “Temporary Visions (summer light mix)” was taken as the basis. In the same month, a teaser of a new video for the song "The Eighth Day Of November" is released. It also became known that new videos will be released soon and there was information that Maxim Mikhaylov working on a new album.