Without Someone

Project: Crimeanization
Title: Without Someone
Studio: West Studio / Distance Lights Studios
Date Of Release: 25.01.2011
Barcode: 884502790566
Format: CD, DVD Album
Country: UK, Europe & US

1. Crimeanization Part 10:50
2. In A Lifetime 5:13
3. Temporary Visions 3:25
4. I’m Searching For A Place Where I Can Hide 4:32
5. One Breath Of The Tarkhankoot) 4:33
6. My Island In Your Heart 4:50
7. Freedom Beyond The Sea 4:15
8. Lullaby In A Summer Solstice 4:28
9. Just Better Life 4:41
10. Crimeanization Part 2 1:50
bonus tracks:
10. In A Lifetime (Single Mix) 4:11
10. Temporary Visions (Summer Light Mix) 3:41
10. My Island In Your Heart (Love Dance Mix) 3:58
10. Butterfly (Secret Land Early Version) 3:37
10. My Island In Your Heart (Silence & Loneliness Mix) 3:25
10. The Next Morning After My Dying Day (B-Side Instrumental) 3:28

DVD: Crimeanization Part 1, In A Lifetime, Temporary Visions, One Breath Of Tarkhankoot, My Island In Your Heart, Freedom Beyond The Sea, Just Better Life, Crimeanization Part 2, Temporary Visions (Original Video), About Crimeanization

All Songs Written by Maxim Mikhaylov
Produced by Maxim Mikhaylov
Co-produced by Elena Ilnickaya, Jorge Devincenzi
Promotion by Kimberley Grey, Piotr Filipow
Voice by Elena Ilnickaya
Vocal by Mary Delilah (track: 4,14)
Vocal by Maxim Mikhaylov (track: 9)

Crimeanization – Without Someone